Casambi x Internova

Casambi is a bluetooth low energy lighting solution. A large number of our fixtures can be equipped with the Casambi option. All Casambi products automatically form a wireless mesh network. It can be controlled by smartphones, tablets or smart watches. The Casambi App can be downloaded for free in the iOS or Google App store.

Internova is an officially licensed Casambi OEM-partner.

With Casambi you are able to:
• Dim the lighting*
• Group luminaires and controll them together
• Configure, save and recall scenes
• Adjust light colours (RGBWW)*
• Adjust colour temperatures (TW 2500-7000K)*
• Take pictures and add lighting control directly to your picture
• Defining timers for the purpose of Human Centric Lighting*
* Fixtures have to be equiped with this feature

You can recognize the luminaires which can be equipped with the Casambi smart technology through the Casambi logo at the options of a product:
Casambi option Casambi

Casambi flyer.jpg