LED Modules explained

Our Made-in-Holland luminaires can be equipped with a wide variety of LED modules. All our modules come with a warranty up to 7 years. Check out this blog to get to know all of them and their best application:

Standard LED Module Standard
Standard lighting module available in CRI >80Ra and >90Ra in 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, and 5700K. Perfect to use when high Lm/W efficiency is key.

Premium LED Modules Premium
Excellent quality of light and colour rendition, combined with high energy efficiency. Ideal for creating ambience, fresh whites and depth of colour in many retail environments. Premium White module for retail available in CRI >80Ra and >90Ra in 3000K, 3500K and 4000K. Premium Ambiance module for hospitality available in CRI >90Ra in 2200K.

Food LED Modules Food
LED modules dedicated towards the lighting of fresh food applications.
Food WarmWhite Module: Enhances the appearance of fresh food, such as bread, fruit and vegetables.
Food Premium Meat Module: Enhances the appearance of fresh meat.
Fresh Fish Module: Enhances the appearance of fresh fish.

Dim-to-Warm is a technology that reduces a luminaire’s colour temperature when being dimmed, from 3000K to 2200K. This makes our Dim-to-Warm fixtures ideal to use in domestic and hospitality projects.

TW LED Modules TW
Tunable White allows you to control the colour temperature of a fixture between 2500K and 7000K. Our Tunable White fixtures can be controlled using the user friendly Casambi app or via DALI.