The project below was carried out in collaboration with partners of Internova.

With the largest jeans assortment in Europe, De Rode Winkel is THE jeans hotspot of Utrecht. The store has its own identity, where you can undergo a total experience. You will not only find clothing, but also an exhibition space, terrace and bar.


Industrial look for De Rode Winkel

Choosing the right jeans is not always easy. A nice environment with good lighting for the perfect colour presentation is therefore very important. A 3D plan has been developed for De Rode Winkel, in which experience and product presentation form the core.

To create the desired industrial look, a combination of recessed spotlights and tracklights was chosen. The Philips LED modules provide a new colour depth and create a lively experience of clothing. Since the renovation with new lighting, De Rode Winkel is now number one in the sale of jeans in the region.

Custom-made luminaires for Thom Broekman

Menswear and costume specialist Thom Broekman is located opposite to De Rode Winkel. Thanks to years of experience, they know what you need to be perfectly dressed, from tailoring to athleisure.

After the successful transformation of De Rode Winkel, Internova was also allowed to provide Thom Broekman's building with lighting. Here was a challenge in the sizes of the spots. In connection with existing ceiling cut-outs, custom-made luminaires have been produced based on the concept of the Internova Moon Retail spots. In addition, the rectangular reflector of the Vela Tracklight was chosen to evenly illuminate the entire jeans and shirt wall. Various tests were carried out for Thom Broekman, to come to the perfect combination of lumen-output and lighting colour. This also determines the correct beam angles and light intensities.


“We came into contact with Internova through our architect. Based on the design, but also with regard to sustainability, they were the best match for us. After the successful project of De Rode Winkel, the lighting of Thom Broekman is also being renovated. This project is still in full swing, but we definitely rely on the knowledge and expertise of Internova again. That's why they are real professionals in the field of functional lighting.”

- Tom Broekman, Owner Thom Broekman - De Rode Winkel