The project below was carried out in collaboration with partners of Internova.

You cannot have missed the successful concept of Humphrey's; a 3-course menu for a fixed price. For almost 30 years people have been enjoying the most delicious seasonal dishes. With restaurants throughout the Netherlands, Humprey's is the perfect place for socializing and a night out.


Flexible setup

The old bistro style gives way to a new interior, characteristic of the classic Parisian grand cafes. Lighting specialist Mato made a new design for various subsidiaries of Humphrey's. As an expert in lighting for the hospitality industry, Internova assisted in the realization of the lighting design. An important point of attention was the flexibility of the lighting. When the layout of the interior changes, the lighting must also be easily adjustable. That is why Humphrey's chose a flexible tracksystem with tracklights made by Internova.

Expanding the product range

The second restaurant was a further development on the first. Different lighting has been chosen and the Internova range has been expanded with a new spot. The Meteora LED Trackspot with a golden decorative inner ring. This matches the appearance of the new Humphrey's concept even better. Important within this project was that the tracksystem can also be used for decorative lighting. Thanks to our flexible Powergear tracksystem, functional and decorative lighting are powered by the same track. A stylish, flexible and functional solution!


“In addition to decorative lighting, we were looking for functional lighting for Humphrey's. It was important for the lighting concept that the functional lighting matched the mood lighting in terms of look and feel, without losing functionality. At Internova we could go for compact, stylish luminaires with a warm light colour (2200 Kelvin) which are also dimmable. Thanks to their good insight, they were able to translate drawings of the tracksystem directly into the required parts. The price-quality ratio is also very good and their flexibility meant that everything could be supplied quickly.”

- Marron Meijer, MATO