The project below was carried out in collaboration with partners of Internova.

Postuur: an innovative healthy food concept with fresh and high-quality products. The restaurant has been developed for companies in this place and people from the neighborhood, so that you can eat healthy and tasty food at work. The location also leaves nothing to be desired; a central location on the former site of the Antwerp postal sorting center, near the international train station of Antwerp-Berchem.


Healthy food in the spotlight

Healthy food concepts are trending. In collaboration with architect Tersago.Dedecker, Internova provided the functional and flexible lighting for restaurant Postuur. Internova is a specialist in the lighting of hospitality establishments. For this project, we have supplied suitable lighting with for the lighting concept designed by Tersago.Dedecker.


“The large stock and short delivery times make Internova an ideal partner for hospitality projects where tight schedules and deadlines always apply. In addition, at Internova we have a choice of different luminaires and they offer LED solutions with good color rendering and different lighting colours. Highly suitable for Hospitality and Food projects.”

- Peter Tersago, Architect Tersago.Dedecker