Lighting design becomes reality

How do you get customers to spend more time in your shop? By combining retail and hospitality! Vabotti in Tilburg did just that, with Internova making sure the lighting seamlessly matched the store. Of course, the job was based on a visual concept. Curious about how all of this comes together?


Where retail and hospitality meet each other

A few months ago, a brand new Vabotti store opened its doors in Tilburg. We had the opportunity to work on the lighting plan, which was then brought to life by L.A. Licht+. With this store, Vabotti demonstrates how to combine retail and hospitality to create a top-notch shopping experience. The hospitality corner ensures that customers spend more time in the store. The lighting seamlessly transitions between different areas of the store, adding the finishing touch. By opting for a black rail in combination with compact Diablo 3-phase railspots on a black ceiling, all attention is drawn to the illuminated products!


Check out the Vabotti project


From design to photorealistic image

Internova has all the craftsmanship and knowledge to translate concepts into unique custom-made lighting solutions. We do this by using the lighting software DIALux. Our designers create a visual concept in it, which is elaborated in detail. By rendering the concept, a photorealistic image of the design is created. Even the exact lux values and all environmental factors, such as light, ambiance, and objects, are taken into account. This creates a highly realistic image. A realistic and well-thought-out lighting plan can be the deciding factor for the end customer. Curious about what our designers can do for you?

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