Powergear 1-Phase Track System: Compact and Versatile

Proudly presenting the latest addition to our range: the Powergear 1-Phase Track! Inspired by the subtle profile of the 48V Track System, we have collaborated with Powergear to develop this compact and minimalistic 230V Track System. Designed to meet the requirements for residential and B2B projects, the system is suitable for combining it with a wide range of accessories.

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An Asset to Every Project

No matter using it for residential projects or B2B environments, the Powergear 1-Phase Track is versatile and adapts to the specific requirements of each project. Easily create unique configurations that seamlessly align with your needs and style using our wide range of accessories such as L, T, and X connectors. Furthermore, fixtures and an external power supply, as these are required with 48V track systems, are not necessary due to the 1-Phase 230V connection. This not only simplifies installation but also expands the versatility of this track system. The 1-Phase Track System is available from stock and comes with a standard 5-year warranty.

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Combination with Meteora

One of the major advantages of the 1-Phase Track System is its compatibility with a wide selection of compact 1-Phase rail spots and pendant fixtures. For instance, the system pairs well with the popular Meteora series, which was expanded earlier this year to include a suspended version. The Meteora series is available in white and black colors and can optionally feature a colored inner ring in white, gold, or black.

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