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Where other LED food modules can cause food to perish (e.g. aging of fresh meat and fish) within a few hours, the Premium Food LED modules by Internova are suitable for lighting fresh food products without any issues. This is achieved by selecting the correct wavelength combinations within the LED chips, the correct amount of light is also of high importance. The fresh food will be displayed in the best possible way, remaining close to the true-to-life colours and enhancing the fresh look.

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Premium Food Lighting

Internova has developed a special range of COB LED modules for fresh meat, fresh fish and bread/vegetables, in collaboration with a leading European LED-chip manufacturer. The range consists of the Meat Premium Red (MPR), Food WarmWhite (FWW) and Fresh Fish (FF) modules.

These modules can be used in a selection of Internova luminaires (3-phase tracklights, recessed spots, pendants and downlights). All Premium Food luminaires come with a system warranty of 5 years.

Brands who use our Professional Lighting within the Food industry


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AD Delhaize

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Bakkerij Van Heeswijk

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Slagerij De Leeuw

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