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Internova has developed a special range of COB LED modules for fresh meat, fresh fish and bread/vegetables, in collaboration with a leading European LED-chip manufacturer. The range consists of the Meat Premium Red (MPR), Food WarmWhite (FWW) and Fresh Fish (FF) modules.

These modules can be used in a selection of Internova luminaires (3-phase tracklights, recessed spots, pendants and downlights). All Premium Food luminaires come with a system warranty of 5 years.

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Aluminium 3-phase tracklight equipped with Philips…

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Diablo L Black.jpg
Diablo L

Powerful aluminium 3-phase tracklight equipped…

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I.Forza Black - Internova Professional Lighting.jpg

3-Phase tracklight with built-in LED driver and…

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Lungo Black - Internova Professional Lighting.jpg

Tubular 3-Phase tracklight with built-in LED…

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Girevole White 1 - Internova Professional Lighting.jpg

Gimbal recessed LED spot. Ideal for retail shops.…

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Curva White - Internova Professional Lighting.jpg

Curved recessed LED spot. Turnable and tiltable.…

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Sottile40 DUE B_G 1000x1000.png
Sottile40 DUE

Double surface mounted compact spotlight with…

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Meteora Pendant B_G 1000x1000.png
Meteora Pendant

Pendant version of the Meteora with powder coating…

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Internova Professional Lighting - Alta Black.jpg

LED Pendant in industrial look, produced in…

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