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Meet our product range; Our Made-in-Holland LED luminaires are not only easy on the eye, but designed and made with a purpose. The difference is made by the perfect combination of the right luminaire, LED modules, lumen-output, lighting colours and the beam angle. We keep the production process in our own hands, therefor we are extremely flexible and we guarantee quality and pure craftsmanship.

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Powergear 1-Phase DALI Flexible Connector

To connect two DALI 1-phase track sections at any…

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PRO-D437(+ connector).jpg
Powergear 1-Phase DALI X-Connector

To connect four DALI 1-phase track sections into a…

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PRO-D480(DALI adaptor).jpg
Powergear 1-Phase DALI Track Adapter

Seperate DALI 1-phase track adapter

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Aluminium 3-phase tracklight equipped with unique…

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